we facilitate free wild swims

Lunar Dippers is a free wild swimming group. We gather for monthly group swims in and around the Cotswolds, usually around the time of the full moon when all the wolves are out. Just kidding, I’m yet to come across a wolf whilst dipping in the UK… 

All of the swims are arranged via our Facebook group (click the button below to join) where I tend to make an event sharing the date, time, location, and what to bring for each dip a couple of weeks in advance. You don’t need any experience at all to come along and join in and there is no pressure to swim. You are more than welcome to watch for the first time, enjoy a natter and see what the wild dipping malarkey is all about. We have been known to enjoy a cheeky hot toddy to warm us up post plunge, and we definitely wouldn’t say no if you offered to bring amaretto hot chocs. Herbal teas and coffee always go down well too. Usually, we bring some form of decadent treat because wild swimming is better with snacks!

the dipping STORY


we swim monthly we swim with the moon

I fell in love with cold water swimming whilst I was living in Cardiff and studying Biomedical Science at the University. Cardiff is a dippers paradise with gorgeous places to plunge in the sea all along the Welsh Coast as well as local spots along the river Taff, which runs through the city centre. Just along the road in Penarth, there is a huge community of dippers called the Dawn Stalkers who swim with the sunrise everyday (yep, even through summer when sunrise is at 4am!!). Whilst I should have been writing my dissertation very studiously in my final year, you’d often find me swimming carefree in the sea.

Upon my return to the Cotswolds I was keen to find the local wild swimming spots and keep up with the dipper life. However, this proved more challenging than I expected… The Cotswolds dipping community seemed to be a little more hidden and a lot more expensive than in Cardiff. Many of the local lakes are privately owned which makes wilder dips harder to find or you have to pay for access to a commercialised lake (also not the kind of wild I was looking for). But, over the last few months I have found some BEAUT river spots, plunge pools, and accessible lakes where you can swim for free.

I wanted to share the joy of jumping in cold water with the local community and so the Lunar Dippers was created. A group for gathering once a month on the eve of the full moon to explore new dipping spots together. All the dips are to places that are free to swim and we’ll always stay and chat over a hot drink (or cold beer) afterwards.